Food & Nourishment

Food & Nourishment

We at Campus Students Communities serve hygienic & nutritious meals as diverse as our culture. The dining has a well-equipped kitchens with latest equipments and is designed to maintain perfect hygiene and cleanliness. The food is cooked by qualified and trained chefs. Where they take special care in Menu Engineering, Nutritional Balance, Calorie consumption, High risk vegetable, Seasonal availibility and demand graph of students likeness.

Our ultra modern dining spaces are manned by trained waiters and are supervised and managed by qualified and highly experienced catering managers, dieticians and nutritionists. These professionals prepare recipes and plan menus for nourishing, palatable, hygienic and balanced diet, at the same time follow norms of table laying and systematic eatery service.

Our Food

We at CSC, are particular in maintaining checks while the food is being cooked or served at the dining. The dining caters to all the food & nutritional requirements of the students. The menu for all meal sessions is changed regularly to provide variety and wholesome nourishment.

The meals include fresh milk, cheese, variety of green vegetables, beans, cereals, rice, chapattis, ice-cream, special dishes and a variety of fruits etc. Besides breakfast, lunch and dinner, light and nutritious snacks are provided twice a day-before noon and in the evening at tea time. With the regular Indian food, Continental, Chinese, South Indian, and other regional cuisines of foods are served occasionally to give students a change of taste.

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