Why you’re going to love shared Accommodation

Shared Accommodation

Why you’re going to love shared Accommodation

Accommodation is a big factor in your university experience but sometimes it can all go so wrong. Bangalore landlords, arguments over bills, dark and grotty rooms, the list go on. At CSC Student Accommodation, we try to make your life a little bit easier and more enjoyable, so you can focus on studying and hanging out with friends. Here are a few reasons why living in shared accommodation really is the best.


No need to wary about Bills like gas bills, current bills, water bills and many more CSC is going to take care of all your bills at once during the time of admission.

So chill back with your Books, gadgets and new friends & Have cherishing student life @ Student Housing.


The location of where you live is more important when at university; extra time on the bed before your lecture, no long walks weighed down with shopping and being a short walk from your favourite place All our properties are based in convenient locations, close to universities, public transport with many in the City Centre.


Living in a rented house usually means you have a living room where you can hang out with housemates and a desk in an often-cramped room to do all your assignments. Well at CSC we have thought about everything you might need! Our properties often have common rooms for you to hang out in with all your friends, a free gym for you to use and designated study areas so you can get all your work done in a comfortable environment.


Whether you’re in your first year or final year, making friends and hanging out is a big part of your experience. We understand the importance of this and have created an environment with a strong focus on community. All our sites have resident CSC socials where you can get updates from the staff, plan events with friends and more if you’re not already a member you can find on campussocials.in


Forget dealing with moody landlords that may live hours away and take days to reply. At CSC each property has a friendly team ready to help you with anything you need. Whether its recommendations on the best pizza in town or just a friendly chat – they’re always happy to help.


For more information please call on- 08041554111

or mail us on info@campusville.in

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