5 Easy Room Decor Hacks Within Your Pocket

How to Decorate Your Room on a Budget

If you find yourself browsing through those Pinterest ideas and have managed to create a vast board of DIY Room décor hacks, this read is just the right bit for you to understand the pragmatic décor ideas for your room at the University within budget.

The environment around you creates the vibe you truly want to emanate. If you have dozens of ideas floating around in your head to up the ante on the décor front, following are a few hacks to decorate your home in a small budget.

Amazing Hacks to Decorate Your Home in a Small Budget

  • Lighting – Fairy or Lamp Way
    • Lighting can have quite an effect on the mood. The best make-do method is to either to add fairy lights or have Lamp onboard to give you that quick uplift in mood and environment. The variations are many ranging from clipping pictures on the fairy lights to wrapping them in and around those glass bottles.
  • Pictures
    • Memories are the best part of college that stay throughout till your adult life. Make most of them and reminisce by putting up a collage in the room or simply put up some classy posters that you relate to most.
  • Plants
    • Plants not only add one more life species other than you to the room but add color and a beautiful responsibility to be taken care of. Your Pinterest account now is bound to have one more board full of plant pins.
  • Fragrance Diffusers
    • If smell has an effect on your head beyond the nose, then reed diffusers are a go-to. Pick up your favorite scent and throw in those reeds to the natural oil aroma to take over.
  • Cushions and Rugs
    • Add some quirkiness to the room by giving it edgy yet the cozy feel by putting in some styled cushions and rugs



Image source: www.pexels.com


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