Management Tips – 4 Ways to Manage Workload at University

With the constant supply of coursework and our innate need to procrastinate, comes the need for balancing the workload to optimize every bit of the last minute before the finals.

With different breeds of individuals in the batch, inclusive of nocturnal crammers, last minute swallow-it-all to an all-time teacher’s pet, every student has a different way of dealing with workloads at the university.

Here are a few tips on how to deal with a stressful University Workload.

4 Ways to Manage Workload at University

  • Be Realistic
    • Know your strengths and weaknesses to gauge what kind of goals would suit you the best given the circumstances. The most important aspect, in this case, is the distraction level and the effect it has on you. Understand the difference between your ideal and desired environment to work. If you are a social feed addict, you may want to keep away from hanging there when working on the task.
  • Be Focused
    • We all love jumping between the tasks thinking we are either a master of all, or one might evade the boredom of other. In reality, this causes lack of focus and lands one back to square one. So increase your stickiness for focusing on one thing at hand.
  • Stay Energized
    • As cliché as it may sound, eating and sleeping right are the key to be consistent versus your third cup of black coffee or third Red Bull. The latter may surely be in alignment with the lifestyle of a student in distress but don’t go a long way. Make sure to get the much-needed rest and food.
  • Switch off at right times
    • All work and no play can be counterproductive to the whole purpose of work. Having your brain aligned and energized is the key to achieving the task with better success. So go ahead and take that break to grab a coffee with your mates, or hit the gym.



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