4 Ways to Better Handle Every Type of Roommate

Welcome to the University life and a very crucial but neglected component of same being dealing with a roommate. To smoothen the journey, this part also functions under certain implicit but not stated rules.

You can either love them or hate them but you have to understand the dynamics of it that affects parts of your life at University in ways not visible to you.

Personality clashes or simple routine clashes can take away the anticipated peace of mind.

how to handle every type of roommate

Here are a few tips on how to deal with your roommates:

  • Know each other’s routines:
    • Nobody wants the schedule clashes with another considering this part of Roommate alliance is the low hanging fruit and can be accommodated easily. Get to know your roommate’s timetable and find a common ground to live amicably. Things like early morning person or a late night owl can be somewhat known in advance and save a lot of brain drain.
  • Some ground rules may help
    • Talk about yourself and get to know your mate in regards to their habits, objections, expectations. All this can be handled in a subtle way to avoid the drama later on.
  • Do a few things together:
    • Not all things can come on the to-do list. Try hanging out with them or sharing a few dinners to understand what’s not told explicitly. The activity provides the base to understand the person from a different perspective.
  • Let them know of potential guests or a party in advance
    • We all love our privacy at some point and a little solace. And at that moment, the window of uncertain events posing directly at your state of mind may not seem like a good idea. Respect space in short.


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