7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Joining College

We often step in the uncharted territory with a pre-conceived notion about how it is going to play out and try to look forward at the best in our own box of assumptions.

The transition from high school to college is one such scenario which captures the best of our presumptions in the naivety. This is further enhanced by the certain aspects added to the curry like freedom, liberty to do things you have anticipated for long and basically being your own boss at a fair chance to write the desired destiny.

What we often forget to do is take into account, what comes along with these very aspects. Our myopic ideas don’t count the responsibility with freedom or feeling directionless with liberty and on top of all is that the world is your oyster but not your comfortable cocoon.

Here are a few things worth pondering over before college and I wish I knew them


7 things I wish I knew before joining college

7 Things I Wish I Knew Before Joining College

  • Money doesn’t grow on trees
    • New city and new experiences throw the all kinds of spaghetti on your wallet and you may want all to stick. Before you know it, it’s all gone and now the daily chores take a toll which otherwise was never given an ounce of thought in the comfort zone.
  • Everybody there is same as you
    • Every person comes more or less with the hope to prosper and make better of their time at the university. They may be nervous and eager to collaborate with the folks there same as you. So remember not to feel intimidated about the D-Day and reach out to them. You will be surprised how easy the journey becomes once you take that first step.
  • Alcohol and bad eating habits are going to be more impactful than your thoughts on them
    • We get so caught up in the university life that we forget to account for calories and that a healthy lifestyle can do far more good versus our myopic thoughts about it being super cliché.
  • Connect more with your professors
    • They know far more than your college crowd and have seen it all. They are also a gold mine when it comes to recommending the right person at the right time. Added bonus, spending time with them in person grows you as a person.
  • You will lose friends and then make some
    • Connect and collaborate with all to widen your bucket for finding the right ones and at the same time seeing what entering the uncharted territory really means.
  • Pro-activeness will be more rewarding than you think
    • Meet people who share your interests and indulge in more than just the prescribed and scripted college program. New things around you bring new things to you.
  • Change is the only constant
    • College is going to be one of the roller coaster rides of your life. It will test you in a short period of time and it will help you learn sustenance. Don’t be afraid of change as it has its own ways of growing you.

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