6 Ways to pump you up and get into action

If the life at University is leaving you drained out and unmotivated. Breathe a little, its normal. Here are 5 tips to get your sleeves rolling up:

  • Move a little: Steal few minutes out of your day and invest in any exercise you like. Go for a brisk walk around the campus or wiggle it to those dance moves. Don’t let the sedentary lifestyle take a toll on you already
  • Eat right: your immune system should totally agree with your actions when it comes to keeping the energy levels in control. So start eating right and eating at the right time
  • Don’t snooze: The little comfort of snoozing actually results in undergoing accumulation of guilt for not doing the right thing leaving a bad aftertaste right at the early hour of the day. Waking up at the right time allows for the organization hormone to kick in early keeping you sane all day long.
  • Indulge in your hobbies often: We forget to make space for our alternate interests in the busy schedule at universities when the irony is that it’s that very part that needs to be kept active for you to be energized in other aspects of life.
  • Don’t become a couch potato: While it feels great to binge on those never-ending seasons and TV shows, you feel more at loss of time at the end of the day. So make an evening plan instead, catch up with few friends and ditch the couch for a while.
  • Rest enough: This is specifically aimed at all the night owls who love getting the day done in the dark but that doesn’t necessarily agree with the University timings. So respect your brain cells and get a good duration sleep.




Image Source: www.pexels.com

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