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Time Management Tips to Hack Productivity

With a long college marathon ahead of you, a lot can be overwhelming as you get on that side of grooming, growing, dealing with a tight schedule and balancing your sane self at the same time. You can though put a method to this madness while being a juggler to have your game on point. Let’s deep dive into some of the most important things to manage time that you can get right easily:

Time Management Tips For Students

  • Introduce the word “schedule” in your dictionary: It’s great to have big goals but equally important are the small steps towards them at the right time. Get a planner and start jotting down those small achievable tasks and keep a note of all your upcoming deadlines, exams dates, and lectures etc. Make this list easily accessible and get a healthy routine of the doing it right


  • Don’t’ procrastinate, Don’t: The cliché word gets daunting when you make it a habit. So close the gap between your vision and action by getting away from the distraction on crucial occasions and avoid last minute chaos. Spend your time in the environment that may support your vision to get to where you want, you may be surprised how easy the ride becomes then.


  • Avoid Clutter: The mind suffers the impact of clutter in your surroundings so make sure to keep that at minimum levels. Get organizers and folders to keep the right things in right place. And you might want to avoid taking decluttering as a one-time activity, it’s more about weaving it in your daily processes to not only keep your time free but chaos to a minimum as well.


  • A realistic To-Do list: Get your headspace cleared up in morning and spend a little time making that to-do list. Keep some room for uncertainties to attain better stickiness for reality.


  • Don’t overburden: While it’s amazing to spread out your wings and get a taste of every club, committee, extra-curricular etc. The key is to align those with your schedule and how much can you really commit.


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