10 Kinds Of Friends You Absolutely Need In Your Life

These are the people who make you snort water out of your nose because you’re laughing too hard, they are the ones who say ‘Chod na’, when you’re holding onto a grudge you shouldn’t, they make you feel like everything will fall into place when you think life is complicated.

Which is why you can’t have enough of them in your life. Because each of them brings something different to the table and there are a few kinds of friends you absolutely need, to make your life a brighter place!

1. The one with a kickass sense of humor

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You can’t have enough witty people in your life. This is the friend who’s going to have you in splits with pure sarcasm. She/He’s a little bit of Chandler and a little bit of Sheldon Cooper and they are just what you need to make life lighter.


2. The Foodie

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They eat everything, they are hungry more often than not and if you want to eat at any point of the day or night, this is the friend you call. They have the down low on which restaurant has the best chicken wings and the nicest masala fries at the cheapest rates.


3. The one who takes charge when you need it the most

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‘Chinese or Italian ?’, ‘Where should we go?’, ‘What do we do if not eat?’, when these questions come up, you look to this sturdy leader for some direction. They are the ones who think of either a midway that makes everyone happy or they take a vote and decide what works best. So while everyone is too stressed out to decide or too caught up with something else, they make your life easier.


4. The Daredevil

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They are the one’s who you follow into a ‘haunted house’, the one who you watch scary movies with, the one who makes you summon a spirit with planchet, even though you’re scared out of your mind.


5. The one who never judges you

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They keep all your secrets and they hear your scandalous stories. They don’t tell you that you were wrong or you made a mistake, they just listen and let you pour it all out. Each time you need to make a confession, you know who to talk to.


6. The friend with no filter

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They are the ones who tell you like it is. They don’t tiptoe around you, scared to hurt your feelings, they tell you what you need to hear and have no regrets about doing so because it’s always for your own good.


7. The adventurous one

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The one who inspires you to go trekking, to take a trip on your own, to ride a bike in Ladakh and jump into a river with no caution. The person who makes you live on the edge.


8. The gyani one

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They have an explanation and suggestion for everything you say or ask. They can tell you why the sky is blue, they can tell you why the course you’re doing is full of shit and they can even tell you what is the spiritual reason for your breakup. They know everything and they aren’t afraid to share it.


9. The optimist and the pessimist

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You need a little bit of both. If you are a positive person, a pessimist will show you the other side and not let you be blindsided in any situation. Whereas, if you are a pessimist, an optimistic friend will pull you out of your negativity and show you what can happen if you just believe.


10. The Bilkul Pakka One

Whenever you’re in a fix for where to buy the latest mobile or the shirt for your next date or even saree for your wife – you Bilkul Pakka go this friend. Watch this video to find out.

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